Pawnbroking is the business of loaning money that is secured against pledges of personal assets. Those assets could include anything from jewellery, diamonds, watches, and gold, to silver, antiques, and fine artwork.


Pawnbroking provides a safe, efficient, way to obtain cash from your valuable items. When you pawn property you own with a pledge, you are simply turning your goods temporarily back into cash. In effect, you are borrowing from yourself. No credit checks. No awkward bank manager questions to answer. No anxiety about unsecured credit or credit ratings, if the loan is not repaid. Your loan is secured by the items you pledge. You get cash without red tape through a straightforward transaction.


At Kings Hill we pride ourselves on the speed and efficiency of our impeccably trained staff. We invite you to visit us in our secure and private pawnbroking office to experience the convenient way of borrowing money. Typically, the loan process takes less than an hour, from dropping off your items to walking out with your cash.

Advantages of Pawnbroking:

  • No credit checks. Two forms of identification dated within the last three months required
  • Confidential service
  • Instant cash
  • You still retain ownership of your valuable items
  • Minimal paperwork
  • Quick and easy


Pawnbroking is among the oldest forms of banking, with origins that reach back 3,000 years to China. Ancient Greek and Roman cultures also embraced pawnbroking as a means of lending. In the late 1400s, Queen Isabella of Spain pawned some of her dazzling crown jewels to fund Christopher Columbus’s historic voyages. The industry, as we know it today, is commonly attributed to the noble Medici family of Florence, prominent in 15th Century finance.

When the Medici family split in two, one half became bankers and the other, pawnbrokers. Those who became pawnbrokers took half the family crest, which incorporated three gold spheres. Over the centuries, these three spheres became the universally recognised symbol of pawnbroking.

Back in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries pawnshops outnumbered public houses in Britain, lending money for pledges on anything from wedding rings to father’s ‘Sunday best’ suit. Today, this convenient form of high street borrowing continues to remain popular as a way to quickly access cash borrowed against personal assets. Kings Hill, as we’ve done for well over two generations, will be happy to serve you as a leading pawnbroking lender in St Albans and Hertfordshire.


A pledge is an item of value which is used as security against a loan. The pledge can be exchanged immediately for a specified cash amount. Kings Hill is able to exchange cash for pledges up to £1million. The amount we loan is a percentage of the estimated value of the item.

Our in-house specialists based from our store in St Albans are ready to expertly value your jewellery, watches, gold, diamonds, silver & antiques, and artwork.

Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority for consumer credit activities.