Pawnbroking Today

Pawnbroking today offers a modern, friendly and convenient way of getting cash quickly.

Today’s pawnbroking customers range widely. Certainly they are ordinary people, who may wish to borrow a small sum of money for a short period of time. Very much like an overdraft is used the service is a real ‘tide me over’ until payday situation. With more and more people paid monthly the pressure on managing short-term cashflow became more difficult than when weekly brown paper wage packets were the norm.

“Using a pawnbroker…just another way of borrowing money” – Office of Fair Trading

Pawnbroking customers pledge property that they own and consider the loan simply turning their goods temporarily back into cash as they once were. In other words customers feel they are simply, in effect, borrowing from themselves. No fuss, no favours, no extending or creating unsecured credit with the threat of negative credit ratings or ‘blacklisting’ as it is known if the loan is not repaid. Fully secured, straightforward and transparent credit in minutes – and from themselves. No wonder so many customers and regulatory bodies see pawnbroking as ‘just another way of borrowing money’.

(Extract from the NPA website 2014 –

At Kings Hill Pawnbrokers, St. Albans, we offer fast affordable cash loans from the privacy of our pawnbroking office.